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Leith pilots The Good Gym

I learned about The Good Gym from my friend James and I was immediately very excited about the idea and was convinced it would blow up in Edinburgh. So, after writing to The Good Gym to find out when and how they might expand (with the intention of trying to convince them expansion should start in Edinburgh) they wrote back with a guide to organising a group run in order to get a feel for the interest in Edinburgh for regular Good Gym events.

The original Good Gym model pairs people in communities who like to run or jog with less mobile and isolated people so the runner can deliver something nice to the less mobile person, have a chat then jog away. Not only does this help give support and companionship to the isolated person but it also gives the runner the motivation to keep a regular running schedule. As our initial go in Leith is just a pilot we can't get into the work of carrying out criminal record checks and pairing strangers so a group run pilot, as per Good Gym guidance, is just the ticket.

So, after a little while thinking about how all this might go down I got in touch with local personal trainer Tracy Griffen and local green champion and hyperlocal journalist Ally Tibbitt to kick things off. Ally has helped us by organising a community activity to which the group will run and sourcing some soup for after and Tracy has set out a short running route around Leith Links that is suitable for all skill levels. Tracy will lead the run with more experienced runners and I'll be bringing up the rear keeping a slower pace for those who would rather have a brisk walk or light jog. All the details you need to join are below but don't hesitate to get in touch with me here if you have any questions. Please spread the word!!

This is what is happening

We are piloting The Good Gym in Leith. This means we gather as a group and go for a short run/jog and the destination is to something that benefits our community. It's keeping fit and doing good all in one go. The run is for all abilities, even for folk who would rather just have a brisk walk. After the run you can take part in either a tree pruning session led by professional gardener Ben Dell as part of the Botanic Garden's Edible Gardening Project or helping to move trees, plant bulbs and pick up litter in the Children's Orchard. There are limited spaces on the tree pruning session so please register your interest on the Greener Leith Social.

Where and when to meet

We are meeting at the Leith Franklin Cricket Club clubouse on Leith Links at 10am on Saturday February 11th. The clubhouse is at the Seafield end of Leith Links near the bowling club and the allotments. Bring warm and waterproof or water resistant gear and water. I'll have a backpack so if you don't want to wear, carry or leave your gear on the ground I'll schlep it around for you!

There's soup!

Out of the Blue cafe is generously providing soup to those of us who last until about noon. How cool is that?

Spread the word and get in touch with me if you need anything. If the pilot is popular we will look at how we can organise regular Good Gym events. It would be great to get your ideas of how future events could be run and what they could feature.


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