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Over the past few years I've seen friends and colleagues in the Third Sector lose funding from traditional funding bodies with statutory and trust funding drying up and competition for what remains is so stiff it's soul destroying. To the poor bod having to fill in more and more funding applications, chasing even the smallest pots of cash and competing against their partners in the sector, the return on the investment in time can be small but essential to survival.

As a person who donates cash to charities and non-profits it isn't always clear to me how the organisation is spending the money, say following a campaign, and it often feels like a disconnect between me and the organisation whose work I'm so supportive of. So the connective emotion that prompted the support isn't really reciprocated. You press the pay button on a website or you hand over a tenner and that's it.

How can Third Sector organisations take more control over their funding futures and how can donors get better connected to the organisations they support?

Crowdfunding, that's how. Earlier this week the first ever (Scottish based) crowdfunding website for the Third Sector, SoLoCo, officially launched during Social Media Week in Glasgow.

Crowdfunding and SoLoCo allows projects, causes and organisations to funders to connect directly. No judging panel, no filling in of a multitude of applications and no mystery surrounding the project you're helping to fund and what it's doing. Donations go right to the project via the SoLoCo website through PayPal and from the project's page on the SoLoCo site you can link to their social media (all projects using SoLoCo must open a Facebook Group page to keep funders up to date with project activities).

There are currently 11 projects available to help fund including 2 Leith based projects, Leith Festival and Sikh Sanjog.

So now you have an opportunity to support national and local projects directly, have a stronger connection to that project and know that you're helping deliver essential services that are not offered by anyone else in the public or private sector.

Give in a different way.

Runners! Supporting charity in the run up to racing season? Why not give through SoLoCo?

Are you a Christmas time charity supporter? Log on to SoLoCo this time round.

Private sector! Mix it up by giving through this unique platform. You'll be the one on the cutting edge.

Someone like me who gives when they can? Check into SoLoCo, see what's happening and get a direct link to groups you really feel are working to make a difference for communities at a grassroots level. All the cool kids are doing it.

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  1. Wow, what a lovely write up about SoLoCo. Thank you. What has been evident since we went live is that Leith is a thriving and vibrant community that does, rather than is ‘done’ to. Both the Sikh Sanjog and Leith Festival, as well as the enquiries we have received from Leith projects, are firmly anchored in community development, celebrating diversity. So, it’s a pleasure to be written about in Newhaverin and we look forward to hosting many more Leith projects in highlighting their work and enabling them to attract funding.

    • It’s an amazing project, Kirsty. Well done. And you’re right about Leith being a community that does and I’m sure you’ll see more Leithers coming your way soon!

  2. Brilliant entry, thanks Newhaverin. I lived in Leith for nearly 20 years, it’s an amazing place, full of ‘real life’. It’s changed a lot during the last 10 years but remains full of heart and soul. Soloco is about all the good things we encounter; community, friends, pubs, food…… We hope people engage with what we are trying to do. It’s early days but we’re confident Soloco can help to support what is important to all of us. Can I urge everyone who reads this to go to and make a donation. We have projects coming on board every week, have a look and make a donation. All the best. John

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