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The beauty of sharing social media knowledge

I've had the great fortune over this year to be involved in social media surgeries and social media briefings to formally and informally share my knowledge about using and planning to use social media with colleagues and community groups. The appetite for consultancy on social media is huge, especially in small grassroots groups who could never afford to hire someone in and mostly just need help to get over the threshold by establishing the why, the who and then the how in that order- I insist. There can be a lot of anxiety about using social media for engagement, either because skill levels are low or because entering the social media world is so exposing, but watching the anxiety turn into excitement and ideas is very rewarding. In turn I've learned so much from people I've helped- community walking groups taught me about the mind blowing digital resource exploration site Europeana (I defy you not to get obsessed with it) and how QR codes could be the future of a layered historic walk experiences, an Edinbuzz patient gave me the skinny on Edinburgh's Innertube project, a colleague exposed me to the interesting world of local government Trading Standards professionals using Twitter (who knew?) and a neighbour told me how useful it's been for people in her university course to use Twitter to announce updates to their website, communicate about work and share specific information. How else would I know about all these wonderful things without meeting people because of social media?

And so it goes on. I'll be joining a crack team of volunteer surgeons for a Be Good Be Social social media surgery during Social Media Week next week in Glasgow. I'm waiting with bated breath to find out who's booked in to meet with me to learn about social media but equally I can't wait to learn from them about their work and interests.

The Be Good Be Social surgery is being held on Wednesday September 21st. Sign up here.

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  1. Social media is indeed a tool, and this from somebody wo does not exist on facebook. Like the banks gradual domination of our lives, it’s extremely difficult to exist in ths modern world without being plugged into the internet (an unfortunate truth for a technophobe like me). Many people because of age or social issues don’t have training for what is now a modern neccessity, probably just a little below water and electricity as a resource.

    Kudos to you for your taking part in this work. Hopefulyl it’ll bridge a gap for a number of people, and I’m sure it’ll be rewarding from your side.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Alan. It’s true that age and social issues mean that some people are not digitally included but hopefully I can keep working with friends in the community to reach and teach people to use social media in a way that benefits them.

    And kudos to you, sir, for keeping up online with blogs like mine! A feat for a technophobe!

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