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Project Hot Body week two- virtue

I'm just past the two week mark in Project Hot Body, a project to slim down, change my attitude to food and drink and how I spend my time. While week one saw me nervously approaching a life of no caffeine or alcohol I'm now basking in the glow of virtue. Smelling wasted or hungover folk on my bus, watching as colleagues get yet another coffee to 'keep them going' and seeing someone tackle a meal of chips reminds me how good I feel for not doing those things. Smug much? Yes, yes I am.

It's only after cutting caffeine that I realise what an anxious person it made me and how unpleasant it was going into work pumped full of something akin to crack. I feel like I'm able to deal with stress in a much better way because I'm not on edge with a coffee high. Cutting booze has also made a world of difference to the way I feel and cutting it hasn't been difficult, definitely not as difficult as I had imagined. Getting the most out of this programme and improving my health and fitness far outweighs drinking loads of wine for no real reason. Missing out the many bottles of wine that would have littered two weeks of my life just goes to show how a goal and focus can make changing bad habits very easy.

There are a few things that I've noticed since the beginning of Project Hot Body that I hope will pass- clumsiness, decreased stamina during endurance sessions and cravings for sweet things which is really unusual for me. I know my body is going through all sorts of adjustments so I'll tell you next week how it's all going. I shouldn't be weighing myself right now but I did. 71.3 kilos this afternoon. You'll notice that's a drop.

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  1. Well done so far. I’ve always found caffine A LOT harder to get rid of than alcohol. The funny thing about giving up alcohol is you will now find everyone justifying “why” they drink to you.

    Keep going!!

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