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Project Hot Body week one- the weaning

I'm taking part in a programme of intensive Pilates, serious cardio and an exclusionary diet this month. No starchy carbs, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, wheat or gluten. I'm doing it so you don't have to- I'm taking one for the team. My motivations are to change my body composition, maintain motivation through taking part in this with a group, lighten up ahead of half marathon training (I registered yesterday- no backing out now) and to change my eating habits and keep the change.

The programme is an offering from Healthy Ambitions, an independent Pilates, health and fitness organisation in Leith. Headed by Mel, a legendary powerhouse of strength, tough instruction and enthusiasm, the Healthy Ambitions Pilates Fat Loss Detox Plan will probably kick my ass- I know Mel will anyway.

My first Pilates session with Mel is Tuesday morning but she's sent through information and a food diary to get me started. I've stocked up on beautiful whole food and I can't wait to get stuck in cooking recipes from Mel's cookbook she created just for this programme.

I started a week early in what I call the weaning week. Cutting caffeine and alcohol will be the most difficult parts for me while the food part is a cinch so I've taken the past week to really cut back on the coffee and booze. I've done really well this week and have already lost about four pounds with less booze and no starchy carbs or gluten and spinning and running.  Keep up here with a weekly update of the highs, the lows and maybe a mental breakdown. Watch me melt away before your very eyes....

At 31 August:

Weight 73 kilos

In inches: chest 38.5, waist 32, hips 41.5, thighs (R) 23 (L) 23.5, calves 14.5 and biceps 11.5

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  1. Sister, I’d like to join you in your project Hot Body efforts! This is great. I will take measurements and get to work. I can also cut back on some things I’ve brought back into my diet but for the most part, I’m living the produce-dominated, gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle. I do drink coffee sometimes (half-caf), some sugar, and an occasional glass of wine but the sugar has to go! Loving your blog! HUGS xoxo (I thought this was appropriate given your recent posting).

  2. Let’s do it! Keep up with my efforts here and I’ll keep in touch with you to see how things are going. Thanks for the support- I need it. Getting back to my yogurt…

  3. Brilliant! Telling people all about your goals is a great way to keep focused… and I hope that’s you using up all your dairy to get ready for the Detox Plan 😉

  4. Sounds intense!! Good luck to both of you. Look forward to hear how you get on.

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