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A great night at Leith FM

Last night was my first time on the radio. I shadowed Leith FM DJ Clayton P on his fantastic Soul Stream show which airs every Saturday from 8-10pm and gets Leith boogying to soul, funk, disco, raggae and hip hop tunes.

I met with Clayton, Station Manager Momo and a group of new volunteers a couple of months ago to get to know more about the station, say what we as volunteers could offer and to get paired up with someone at the station to get some real practical experience.

If I do say so myself our show was great and the two hours flew by. My friends and family in America listened in online and gave us great feedback through my Facebook page. We also had lots of messages and texts from work colleagues (Clayton and I know each other through our day jobs) and all the correspondence gave us both a real buzz.

Clayton's keen on my having my own show but I don't know if I'm quite ready to make that commitment because I still have so much to learn. I'm meeting Momo again tomorrow to talk about how I can help get their website up to date so for the time being I might be beavering away behind the scenes and not on air. However, Clayton and I agreed last night that I would drop in to the show every other week so tune in again July 16th!

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