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Come on in, partner

Thanks to Edinburgh Spotlight's re-posting about a crazy ass wild west lane in Morningside, I made a trip to see Springvalley Gardens in Morningside with my friend Cate yesterday. We were giggling like school girls the entire time because it's such a jem of a place. It's much smaller than I expected (I think because Edinburgh Spotlight's photos are so good) but it is indeed there, home to some functioning business. It was great to feel like I got dropped in the middle of Tombstone yet have a sense of place by looking up and seeing Edinburgh chimneys on the horizon. Yesterday also saw my first ever trip to Waitrose and I had a whale of a time there too.

Dragon roll

On our way back down Leith way, Cate and I got off the bus at Forest Road looking for a place to eat and discovered there's all of a sudden a Japanese restaurant where Monster Mash used to be. Cate, who works across the road from this place, swore it wasn't there last week. It was Koyama's first night open and they were offering 20% off in exchange for feedback. Well, I never turn down a chance to give feedback or take money off a bill so we went for it. It was such a good decision because the food was fantastic and the staff were so nice. On the down side the place was a bit cold and I couldn't help but feel a little creeped out what with remnants of Monster Mash all over the place- their beer, a left over sidewalk sign and the same black and white paint job. What exactly happened here? Where did this place come from and why did Monster Mash leave is such a hurry? Our feedback, however, was positive and Cate suggested they offer lower prices for lunch. I'm not sure they were into that idea and couldn't seem to understand why £15 wasn't reasonable for lunch so in the meantime I recommend checking out Koyama for a footloose and fancy free dinner out sometime soon.

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  1. Hmm…I’m not sure Monster Mash passed its environmental health checks!

  2. Oh my goodness! That will be bad news to Cate who was going on and on about their haggis lunches. Apparently she’d been phoning for a week to get a takeaway but they weren’t answering. Maybe it’s for the best!

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