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Lunch with The New Brains Trust

I've made a semi-firm arrangement with my friend David to have a monthy lingering lunch at which we'll eat posher than usual food and get deep. Our first lunch a few months back was to discuss how David could promote his new book, Singular (it's just won runner up in the science fiction category at the San Francisco Book Festival- well worth a read) and our second lunch was to talk about how local government can use social media. Our third lunch was yesterday at Wedgewood on the High Street where we enjoyed rich bijou portions and discussed female pedophiles, widespread injustice at work, disagreed about whether or not arms of a corporation should be allowed to have their own identities and dropped a few F bombs along the way. Well I dropped a few F bombs. David wouldn't lower himself to that.

So, our take on female pedophiles? They're not like male pedophiles. Injustice at work? Lunatics running the asylum. Identity within a corporation? Me: arms of a corporation should be allowed to have their own identity if it's a response to the needs of their specific customer base. David: Everything must be consistent (the same) over a corporation to be in keeping with an image and to make monitoring performance straightforward. Maybe David's really a robot... Get David's take on our lunch by visiting his website.

David and I would like to put your world to right. Is there something you'd like us, The New Brains Trust, to address at our next lunch? Do send in your questions, issues, conundrums or hot topics and we'll blog it out for you after we've met.

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  1. I’m the last person to demand that my opinions be fairly represented on someone else’s blog – but my argument was actually because the way SfC internally organises its services doesn’t relate to how actual people live. If you stay at one end of Ferry Road you should be able to engage with local services and local information in the same way as someone who lives at the other end.

    We’re a bit of hulking, clunking organisation and to get something to work – i.e. to get everyone to understand it and use it – it has to be the same system everywhere. One website, one approach to facebook, twitter, etc.

    Of course, we robots like standard systems. And oil.

    Mmmm… oil.

  2. Sorry, David. I was halfway there. With regard to arms of our large organisation using social media, I still disagree. As long as we are clear on the purposes (which are engaging and informing people) I think the platform on which that happens does not need to be consistent. I agree that consistency is very important in other areas but I think we can be flexible with this one. Let’s watch it and see! We will be like Jane Goodalls observing local government social media monkeys.

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