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Ever wanted to stand at the top of the Forth Road Bridge?

My friend Martin Gallacher is convener of Queensferry and District Community Council's Forth Replacement Crossing sub-committee (say that three times fast) and, since I got very excited about photos on his Facebook of him up the top of the bridge, passes me up to the minute information about tours of the bridge. So now I'm passing the info on to you.

Ever wanted to get up to the top of the Forth Road Bridge? Well now is your chance. In the next couple of weeks the Bridge will be auctioning off trips to the bridge tower on eBay. I'm a little queasy thinking about it but imagine the thrill of standing near the top of the bridge and looking down. Imagine the's terrifying me and I'm just sitting in my living room!


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  1. It would be awesome – imagine that view! The Mary Leishman Foundation is a great cause too. I wonder if they’ll turn it into a tourist attraction like the CN tower? They now allow you to walk outside! You can see the story in the Star

    I think I’ll stick to the impressive views from places like Corstorphine Hill and Arthurs seat instead. Less scary and easier on my empty wallet.

  2. Jings, sounds scary, i think you’d be in danger of having more than wind!

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