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Spinning- it’s not just for athletes. Trust me.

Scotland's only Spinning gym, LifesCycle, is in Newhaven and it's the place to be for anyone who wants to get something new into their fitness regime.

Spinning is pretty intense indoor cycling but it's not just for athletes, competitive cyclists or very thin people and I know this because I spin and I'm none of those things. You can burn a massive amount of calories in an hour (800-1000) and, although you're in a room with lots of other people, you are working alone and can keep your workout at your own level.

If you're interested in trying Spinning you can book classes with LifesCycle through their website. First timers should check out a special event they are having June 4th where sessions won't be to recorded music but to percussionist Pepe Santamaria. What? Wild.

If you want to check out Spinning but you're feeling a little apprehensive about it get in touch with me and we can go together.

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