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Social Innovation Camp- Edinburgh 2011

Are you a geek? Artist?I spent a fantastic couple of hours last night at a taster session for Edinburgh's upcoming Social Innovation Camp in mid-June. Social Innovation Camp brings together friends and strangers to develop an idea that uses technology to meet a social need, 'matching technical skill with social need.' Ideas for developing at the two day camp in June are due Friday and I am collaborating with two work colleagues to submit an application for something that will allow people and their carers (formal and informal) to get help with last minute or small tasks like picking up milk or changing a light bulb. I think it's a fantastic idea that could be useful to carers of all sorts all over the country and we just need to pitch it right!

What do you think of the idea? Can you see people using this? Would there be any problems?

Check out our team's submission on the Social Innovation website.

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